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Allow profile faces

Nice app, but it is so limiting as to the photos it works with. It would be great if it removed wrinkles & flaws from faces that are head-on but are at a tilt and those that are in profile. Many people pose with their head tilted to one side, and I've found that the app typically rejects these photos. And the app completely rejects faces in profile, even if they are close up, which is disappointing. It would be GREAT it this could be tweaked -- for the paid app anyway. Also it would be very nice if the retouching continued on the neck as well as the face - (it looks funny to have a nice smooth flawless face with the freckles removed, but then to have the neck be covered in freckles - it looks ridiculous). And lastly, perhaps in the future maybe it would be nice to find a way to allow the app purchaser to control the retouching process. But it is a really nice app when it works and I do enjoy it -- it is just fairly limited. But I am sure these requested changes would not be easy ones to make.

QuietThunder , 03.05.2013, 06:04
Idea status: under consideration


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